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LUSTR Auto Detail originated out of passion for fine automobiles and enthusiasm for their proper aesthetic rejuvenation through quality car detailing.  This has allowed us to quickly emerge as one of the premier studios in the United States for proper automotive care and paint correction.  We view car detailing as an art form and constantly aspire to remain amongst the select few within the industry in terms of experience, knowledge and quality.  Our foremost purpose is to fulfill the needs of caring owners and enthusiasts who share with us the highest standards of car care and paint maintenance.

Following this premise, Ivan Rajic of LUSTR Auto Detail was recognized by Autoweek Magazine as one of The Top Nine Auto Detailers in the U.S.  We continue to fulfill our purpose by forming lasting relationships with all clients and treating each one of them as friends and partners in properly caring for their vehicles.  Through continuous education, growing experience and a meticulous mindset, we are able to provide exceptional car detailing services in the Chicago area and nationwide.  Mobile car detailing is also available.

From basic monthly waxing, to complete paintwork cleansing and correction, only quality products are used and proper techniques employed. Application of a Paint Protection Coatings is an extremely popular service due to the quality and value it provides.  We treat each vehicle with the same sense of precision and enthusiasm for perfection, allowing us to beautify all vehicles to their maximum potential and constantly exceed our clients’ expectations.  Through our Pre-Detail Assessment we’re able to work with clients individually and cater to their specific concerns to provide a solution that will greatly improve the paint and leave a glossy finish.

If you have any questions or comments about the services of LUSTR Auto Detail or general questions about proper car detailing, feel free to contact us via phone or e-mail and we’ll be more than happy to assist you!

Respectfully yours,

Ivan Rajic, Owner and Operator

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Ivan Rajic of LUSTR Auto Detail is teamed up with Detailed Image as a technical writer, providing in-depth detailing articles to encompass how-to guides, product reviews and comprehensive tutorials.

LUSTR is an authorized installer of the premium paint coatings CQuartz Finest and Optimum Opti-Coat






Aquapel Glass Protection Available