Optimum Opti-Coat Paint Protection Coating

Optimum Opti-Coat (aka Opti-Coat Pro) is a long lasting, ceramic coating that provides excellent resistance to scratching and protects the paint from the daily grind. It acts as a semi-permanent clear coat that lasts a very long time and is one of the best products in terms of chemical resistance, scratch & mar resistance and release properties.


Like our other coatings, Opti-Coat forms a continuous protective film on the painted surface it is applied to, similar to how the clear coat bonds on top of the base color coat. It can be used on all modern factory paints and also to protect metal and hard plastic surfaces. Opti-Coat is not a paint wax or sealant that will wash away or break down over time. Rather, Opti-Coat bonds with the factory paint and protects the surface for years without delaminating.

A single layer of Opti-Coat measures approximately 2 microns in thickness. When compared to typical paint protection products, Opti-Coat is more than 100 times thicker, with tests showing a wax coating measuring less than 0.02 microns. This allows Opti-Coat to effectively absorb damage and contamination that would otherwise easily affect the factory paint. Swirl marks and light scratches are noticeably decreased by the harder ceramic coating, so the factory paint is protected and preserved.


With an application of the Opti-Coat paint protection coating, the vehicle gets a long lasting hydrophobic surface that not only protects the paint finish, but keeps it cleaner longer and makes it much easier to clean. By maintaining a quality finish using Opti-Coat, the vehicle also maintains a solid resale value when it comes time for upgrading to a new one.


Before application of Opti-Coat, we will assess the paint for defects and contamination, then recommend a polishing service to improve the finish. Once any necessary polishing is complete, we will prep the paint work and apply the coating. Once applied, the surface is touch dry within 30 minutes, but the coating continues to cross-link and harden. We keep the vehicle for an additional 12 hours after the coating application because after that it is resistant to liquids such as water and can be driven as normal by the client. Opti-Coat will then continue to harden over the next 30 days as it is exposed to heat.

This coating is not bullet proof and should still be properly cared for.  It is very important that clients with Opti-Coat applied to their vehicles still keep a regular wash schedule and come see us at least once or twice a year for a decontamination wash if unable to do it at home.

More info and specs on Optimum Opti-Coat can be found on the Optimum Car Care website.

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