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LUSTR Detail is located in Palatine, Illinois and provides the highest quality services to all car enthusiasts. Our passion for the vehicles' aesthetics, drive for perfection and attention to detail has allowed us to quickly emerge as one of the premier car detailing studios in the United States for proper car care, correction and protection. LUSTR was even recognized by Autoweek Magazine as one of The Top Nine Auto Detailers in the U.S. We continue to fulfill our purpose by forming lasting relationships with all clients and treating each one of them as friends and partners in properly caring for their vehicles.

Paint Protection Film / Clear Bra

Paint Protection Film (PPF/Clear Bra) is protection with no alternative.  It's a very thin but durable sheet of film that's applied to your paintwork carefully for a nearly invisible finish.  PPF protects paint from random road debris and helps avoid costly trips to the body shop.  While it's not invincible, even if something large or sharp enough punctures the film, many times the paint below stays in perfect shape.  In addition to the protection, PPF has self-healing properties so swirls and scratches are a thing of the past!  We offer different options and packages so please feel free to contact us with any questions or to schedule an appointment for your vehicle.

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coatings offer much better and more durable protection than any wax or sealant you've used in the past.  The coating starts off as a liquid that's applied a 1-3 panels at a time.  As it dries it becomes more solid and leaves some residue behind.  After wiping the residue, we use heat lamps to help cure the coating quicker before delivering the car next day.  Your car is now protected from the elements for years instead of just months and you can extend this durability by using a simple spray wax every few months.  Stuff like bird poop, hard water minerals and general environmental fallout won't etch the paint as quickly and maintenance is much easier.  Depth and gloss are a nice added bonus!

Paint Correction

Paint Protection film is great to protect the paint from chips and Ceramic Coatings prevent dirt from easily sticking, make paint easier to clean and keep it glossy for a long time.  But Paint Correction is a very meticulous and labor intensive service that results in more "WOW"s than anything else we do.  Whether it's a newer car with some swirl marks or a 20-50 year old classic that has faded paint, proper correction helps improve the condition beyond most people's expectations.  We've been doing this for over 15 years and we're able to take paint in any condition to a whole new level of clarity and shine, without jeopardizing the paint thickness.
If you have any questions, comments or concerns about LUSTR or car care in general, we're always more than happy to exchange a few calls and e-mails, so don't be shy.  We can be reached through the Contact page or directly via phone or email.
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Ivan Rajic,
Owner and Founder