Car Detailing Training

Since 2007 we perfected and protected clients' vehicles with Paint Protection Film, Ceramic Coatings and Paint Correction.  Now we're adding comprehensive detail training based on over 15 years experience with detailing, product testing and writing educational articles on car detailing.

I started LUSTR Detail in 2007 focusing on quality detailing services.  Over the years we've done a ton of paint corrections, PPF installations, coating applications and even basic detailing.  In addition, I have written many detailing articles to show the quality of our work and provide educational material for enthusiasts worldwide.  Our focus was always teaching clients to maintain their vehicles so they don't waste money on our services only to be ruined by a bad hand or automatic car wash.

Due to all the experience in the world of detailing, we constantly get requests for car detail training and education from clients and professionals alike.  Also, many more of our clients are doing their own maintenance and detailing, so we're starting up Car Detailing Training again.  We created 3 distinct options that accommodate individuals of all skill levels.  Each class is different and planned out according to the general skillset of those attending.  All training options are mostly hands-on, but allow for more than enough discussion between everyone attending.

Our Maintenance Class focuses on basic car care, so it's all about proper washing and drying to avoid swirl marks, thorough detailing of specific areas to avoid buildup and general tips and tricks for keeping the car clean and shiny.

The Enhancement Training adds a lot of value to the Maintenance because we go into decontamination as well as light polishing.  We cover decon techniques such as clay bar, decon pads and chemicals.  After decon we cover light polishing techniques that clean up clay bar marring and light swirl marks to improve the paint finish.  Finally, we teach different kind of paint protection like sealants and ceramic coatings.

Advanced Training is where we cover the basics mentioned above, but mainly focus on thorough detailing and paint correction.  You'll learn how to polish various panels on a car safely and effectively using different polishers.  We get into curves, edges and other complex surfaces using multiple pads and polishes for best results.  After the polishing each student will learn ceramic coatings with multiple products and different methods of application.

Needless to say, each training option has great benefits and even our basic class can be beneficial for a seasoned veteran.  Have a look through the options below and Contact Us with any questions and scheduling.

Thanks for visiting!

Ivan Rajic,
Owner and Founder

NOTE:  We also offer 1-on-1 Advanced and PPF training for anyone looking into a more custom tailored option.

Maintenance Class

Our maintenance class focuses on the so-called "basics".  We cover all the products, tools and techniques required to properly clean a car and keep it free of defects.  This class is great for beginners and some veterans who want a refresher on their skills.
Topics covered:

  • Products and tools for washing and drying wheels, paint and glass
  • Using tools like pressure washer, foam cannon, blow dryer and vacuum
  • Products and tools for light interior detailing
  • Intro to decontamination mainly using chemicals like tar and iron removers
Class size: limited to 8 people
Cost: $140
Duration: 3-4 hours

Enhancement Training

This training is for those who regularly maintain their vehicles and want to get more into thorough detailing and paint enhancement.  Here we go over the basics, but focus mainly on improving paint condition by decontamination, light polishing and protection.
Topics covered:

  • Maintenance Class+
  • Decontamination using chemicals, clay bar and other tools
  • Light polishing techniques by hand and machine
  • Overview of paint protection with waxes, sealants and coatings
  • Quick intro to paint correction and advanced detailing
Class size: limited to 6 people
Cost: $275
Duration: 4-5 hours

Advanced Training

Our advanced training is intended for those looking to learn machine polishing, paint correction and other comprehensive detailing techniques.  We have amateur enthusiasts, experienced detailers and even business owners come for training to bring their skillset to the next level.  In addition to our Enhancement Training, we mainly focus on safe and effective paint correction via machine polishing.  The smaller class size allows for a lot of Q&A as well as plenty hands-on experience with multiple machines, pads and products.
Topics covered:

  • Enhancement Training+
  • 1-1.5 hours discussing various product and pad recommendations, multiple polishers and different paint conditions
  • 6-7 hours hands-on machine polishing
  • Training with 3-4 different polishers
  • Using multiple pads types and sizes with various polishes
  • Polishing edges, curves and complex areas
  • Ceramic coating application and removal
  • We will go over a full detail, paint correction and ceramic coating application start to finish
  • Quick intro to paint protection film
Class size: limited to 4 people
Cost: $750
Duration: 7-8 hours

Our advanced training is available to any car enthusiast or professionals and business owners operating outside Illinois.