LUSTR Detail of Chicago, Illinois originated in 2007 out of passion for fine cars and enthusiasm for their proper aesthetic rejuvenation. At the time, Ivan was an avid car enthusiast and very meticulous BMW owner, extremely displeased with the available car detailing services in the Chicagoland area. Through a lot of research and experimenting with car detailing products and techniques, Ivan quickly learned the hard way that detailing wasn’t just your average wash and wax.

Detailing became an art form and the goal was to constantly be amongst the select few within the industry in terms of experience, knowledge and quality. LUSTR Detail quickly became the place to go for proper car detailing services in the Chicago area. Our foremost purpose is to fulfill the needs of caring owners and enthusiasts who share with us the high standards of car care and paint maintenance.

What we do…

Whether performing a 30-hour correction and Paint Protection Film wrap for an exotic sports car or a 5-hour light polishing detail on a daily driven mini van, we approach each job with the same passion and precision and consistently provide great results.  The focus has always been on developing a process tailored specifically for each vehicle and we do this by consulting with all clients thoroughly before scheduling any services.  This way everyone is on the same page, clients know what results are expected and exactly why they’re hiring LUSTR.

By utilizing our experience, knowledge, and a meticulous mindset, we always employ the best and safest methods, tools and products to push every single car we detail to its full potential.  We stand firmly behind all our work and always attempt to get results far beyond the clients’ expectations.  Our Portfolio page and great reviews on many other websites speak for themselves and justify why LUSTR Detail can consistently guarantee satisfaction, and more!

If you have any questions, comments or concerns about LUSTR or car care in general, we’re always more than happy to exchange a few calls and e-mails, so don’t be shy.  We can be reached through the Contact page or directly via phone or email.

Thanks for visiting!

Ivan Rajic,
Owner and Founder