At LUSTR Detail we offer a range of automotive services to correct, protect and maintain your vehicles.  Whether you need general detailing, full restoration or paint protection, we're more than happy to help choose the right option and get you quality results.  Have a look below and don't hesitate to Contact Us with any questions or to schedule some dates.

We do all work per appointment only and usually devote at least a full day to each vehicle. Thus, we book all appointments based on the trust we build with clients from our initial meeting.  Thanks to our knowledge, experience and a meticulous mindset, we always employ the best and safest methods to perform the work and we use some of the best products on the market. We will never cause harm to the vehicle's finish nor do anything detrimental to its value overall. Our motto here is "Quality over quantity" and everything we learn, do or use stems from that motto. With that in mind, we here work towards only one goal during each detail job: exceeding the client's expectations while providing the best possible service one vehicle at a time!