Vehicles go through a lot of abuse year round, especially in climates like we have here in Chicagoland. The paint is constantly exposed to contamination like bird droppings, rail dust and road debris. This results in more embedded contamination, swirl marks appearing sooner and overall gloss of the paint quickly diminishing. While waxes and sealants are still a great option for protecting and preserving the paint, the new nano technology ceramic coatings are a much better and more durable way of providing great gloss and protection.

These coatings act as a much thinner secondary clear coat, creating a protective barrier between the outside elements and the vehicle’s paint. They create a hydrophobic surface that is easier to clean than factory paint and stays cleaner longer by preventing dirt and other contaminants from easily sticking to the paint. When treated with care, ceramic coatings easily protect your paint for 1-3+ years. All this leads to having a vehicle that is easier to care for, stays protected for a longer time and maintains a glossy paint finish.


Unlike waxes and sealants, a ceramic coating adds a semi-permanent protective layer to the paint surface. Compared to the durability of waxes and sealants, which is measured in months, the durability of coatings is measured in years! The high strength, condensed nano particles create a tough, durable and glossy coat that helps protect paint and other automotive surfaces from UV rays, dirt, tar and all sorts of other environmental contamination. The surface becomes hydrophobic and helps resist dirt, swirl marks and similar defects from tarnishing the finish.


The main benefit of a ceramic coating is the ability to preserve the clear coat and keep the vehicle in great shape for longer.  This happens by the coating acting as a sacrificial layer which we’re hoping absorbs most or all of swirl marks or marring that develop through regular washing over time.  Then, when it’s time to polish the paint and improve these swirl marks after 1-2 years, we’re only slightly if at all leveling the clear coat through the correction process.  This way the coating is simply removed, the clear coat stays in tact and the car looks great before the protection process starts again.

In addition to the clear coat preservation the paint coating provides, it also allows for much easier maintenance washing as it keeps the paint cleaner and makes it easier to clean.  All this while providing amazing gloss and depth in the paint that gives that “just waxed” look after every wash.


We normally honor requests for certain coating products, but sometimes we may opt to recommend a specific product that would be the best fit for your vehicle. While each of these options is a bit different, they all produce one significant result: durable protection with excellent shine. Protective car coatings are not bullet proof and require proper care to maintain the protection and durability. It is very important that clients with a paint coating applied to their vehicle still keep a regular wash schedule and come see us at least once or twice a year for a decontamination wash if unable to do it at home. A wax or sealant every 3-6 months is highly recommended to further provide swirl mark resistance and extend the coating durability.

We offer coating applications for cars, motorcycles and any other vehicles or individual parts, such as wheels, headlights and engine components.  For more information and pricing, please visit our service page for Ceramic Coatings.

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