Maintenance Hand Wash

Our Maintenance Wash is a hand wash with quality products and techniques intended for clients who need to properly and efficiently clean up their vehicles. Recommended every 1-2 weeks for any vehicle. – Time required: around 1 hour for cars and 1-1.5 hours for SUVs

  • Vehicle is hand washed using sheepskin mitts, then dried with a blower and soft microfiber towels
  • Door jambs are dried
  • Wheel faces are cleaned with appropriate brushes
  • Tires are dressed
  • Tar, bug and wax residue cleaning NOT included.  Cost based on condition
  • Add-on services: Paint sealant $40-60, wheel sealant $15, rubber or cloth mats cleaning $5-15/each

Expected Price Range: $40-50 for cars and $50-60 for SUVs

Basic Interior Detail

The Basic Interior Detail consists of a light interior cleaning and is done separately from exterior detailing services. – Time required: around 30-60 minutes

  • Interior general vacuum of floors and seats
  • Interior leather, trim and vinyl is wiped down
  • Interior glass is cleaned using microfiber towels
  • Add-on services: Rubber or cloth mats cleaning $5-15/each

Prices starting at $45 for cars and $60 for SUVs

Over the years, usually even months, vehicles accumulate a generous amount of defects in the paint. New or used, vehicles will get swirl marks from improper washing, marring from improper detailing, embedded dust, tar, etc. from simple daily driving, along with many other impurities that keep vehicles from looking their best. Through proper car detailing and paint correction, these same vehicles can usually regain that like-new look and once again have clear and shiny paint. Our services range from basic detailing to Concours level restorations, so please have a look below and contact us with any questions via phone or email.

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We do all work per appointment only and usually devote a full day to each vehicle. Thus, we book all appointments based on the trust we build with clients from our initial meeting. Our clients expect us to show up on time, whether at the shop or at the client’s home, and produce amazing results. Similarly, we expect our clients to follow through on all appointments, since we lose an entire work day with any sudden cancellations. Obviously there are some circumstances beyond our control and we completely understand that. At the same time, we do expect and appreciate a notice 48 hours or more in advance for any cancellations so we can try not to lose that entire day and get someone else in for service. Thankfully we have great clients and this is very rarely, if ever, an issue!

Thanks to our knowledge, experience and a meticulous mindset, we always employ the best and safest methods to perform the work and we use some of the best products on the market. We will never cause harm to the vehicle’s finish nor do anything detrimental to its value overall. Our motto here is “Quality over quantity” and everything we learn, do or use stems from that motto. With that in mind, we here work towards only one goal during each detail job: exceeding the client’s expectations while providing the best possible service one vehicle at a time!

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