Here is another correction detail performed by LUSTR Auto Detail on one of my favorite exotics to date.  The 458 Italia is an upgrade to the 430 and it is definitely quite an upgrade.  The styling is a big step up and the interior is simply amazing.  Unfortunately, Ferrari still keeps sending out vehicles with paint in sub par condition.  This 458 was scheduled for a new car detail as soon as the client received it.  We had only scheduled a day for it, but once we saw the car it was clear that it would require quite a bit more work.  As you can see on our Ferrari 458 Italia portfolio page, the paint was in need of some major overhauling, even for a brand new car.  Not only did we deal with the notorious Ferrari sanding marks left over from the factory, but the dealership had performed a poor quality prep on it, leaving holograms all over the paint finish and wax residue in all the possible crevices on the vehicle.  For the complete article, please visit Ferrari 458 Italia New Car Prep and Paint Correction on the Detailed Image Blog.  That’s where I wrote the original article and documented the defects in detail.