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After planning this for a while, we finally made a quick little video to introduce ourselves at Lustr and show a few of the cars we work on every day. The plan is to do a few simple videos monthly with some input on what we do as well as provide detailing tips and tricks for our fans and clients. Check it out and leave any feedback as we greatly appreciate it.

Here’s a quick video summarizing the extensive work we performed on a black Ferrari F12.  The paint was in bad shape for a new car, riddled with swirl marks, buffer holograms and many random sanding marks.  We did 3-4 stages of paint correction to restore it to perfect condition and make it a shiny, new Ferrari.

After the paint correction, Suntek Paint Protection Film was applied to the entire vehicle.  On top of the PPF we applied GTechniq CSL protective coating for added gloss, ease of maintenance and extra protection.  Enjoy the video and definitely watch in HD!


A few months ago we were contacted by a client to prep his brand new Porsche GT3RS before a full car PPF/clear bra application.  While it’s a brand new car, it definitely suffered from bad swirl marks, buffer holograms and even sanding marks left over from the factory.  By performing a very thorough paint correction, we were able to make the paint look like it should have for a brand new Porsche.

After we were done with it, the Xpel PPF was applied to the entire vehicle for the best protection.  Finally, 22PLE protective coating was applied for added gloss, ease of maintenance and extra protection.  Check out the video below showing the process we performed on this gorgeous GT3RS.


A year ago we teamed up with Big Media Productions in their series portraying the Dodge Viper.  Two Dodge Vipers were brought to use for a thorough paint correction and coating.  We performed a 2-stage paint correction on the vehicles and then protected the paint with a long lasting protective coating.

Recently, our episode on correcting and protecting paint was completed and can be viewed on Youtube so please check it out and let us know how you like it. We’re very happy with how it came out.


Paint correction is our specialty at LUSTR and we always try to do our best with each vehicle.  We educate clients on what’s possible and what’s practical when correcting paint on various vehicles.  Sometimes multiple stages of polishing can yield a perfect finish, which provides the best looks and paint quality.  Other times a single stage polishing detail will greatly improve the finish, make it look great and be practical as well as economical for a daily driven car.  In the article Different Levels of Paint Correction I try to explain in depth the amount of correction we’re able to accomplish and what it means for different vehicles.

Different levels of paint correction

Most clients come to us for our paint correction and polishing services, without knowing exactly what it is that we do.  We recorded this video to show exactly what we do on a daily basis and the results we can get with a thorough and careful paint polishing process.  Below the video is the description of exactly what you’re seeing, so please read it before or after viewing as you wish.  For best viewing select HD and full screen mode.

To explain the video… basically we did random levels of polishing on a trunk that has suffered years of neglect and bad washing techniques.  We divided the trunk lid into four sections.

The first/left/driver side section received one stage of polishing, which would be our Paint Enhancement Detail.  The 2nd section, just to the right, is the actual condition of the paint after receiving a wash.  As you can see in the video, while the Enhancement polishing doesn’t eliminate all the deeper marks, it significantly increases the gloss of the black paint by removing all the minor swirl marks.  This also creates a more level paint surface to which wax, sealant or a paint coating will adhere better and last longer.

The third section received 3 stages of correction and the last section to the right received 2 stages of correction.  In the video, it’s hard to tell the difference between these two sections because the 3-stage section simply removed a few more deeper swirl marks than did the 2-stage, but you have to really look at it with the right light and the right angle to see the difference in this case.  As you can see in the video, between the 3rd and 4th section we put down a tape line to indicate the difference between the Enhancement (1-stage) and Correction (2+ stage) detailing.  The most notable thing of course is looking at the center of the trunk and comparing the original paint condition to the 3-stage polishing that made it practically perfect.

While results may and will vary depending on the paint type and condition, this is typically what we’re able to accomplish with a proper 2-stage Paint Correction Detail, which is mainly what we do at LUSTR Auto Detail.  Whether it’s an Ehnancement or multi-stage Correction Detail you’re after, we’re more than happy to take proper care of your vehicle so don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or to schedule an appointment today.

Respectfully yours,

Ivan Rajic, Owner and Operator

Here’s a question that comes up quite a bit both from friends and clients alike.  Most body shops, whether they perform quality paint work or not, leave clients with only a general and vague idea of what can and should be done in terms of detailing just after a paint job.  With the large mix of terminology in the detail industry, the phrase “don’t wax your car for a month” usually gets more questions, such as “Don’t wax with a certain wax or any?  Can I polish the car and not wax? A month as in 30 days, or 4 weeks, or…?”  Regardless, most people don’t know exactly what can be done after a paint job, which can many times even be detrimental to the finish if treated improperly, so here’s a quick guide on exactly What Can I Do After My Car Has Been Repainted?

In the first PPF article, Do I really need Paint Protection Film (PPF) aka Clear Bra?, we touched on some characteristics of paint protection film and whether or not it was necessary for your specific vehicle.  In this article, it’s assumed we’re going through with the PPF installation, so we’ll discuss items such as type of film, application and choosing an installer.  These can all be daunting tasks because as with any industry, there are many available options of varied price levels, both in terms of film manufacturers and installers.  The goal here is to describe some quality film types and explain what to look for when choosing a quality film installer.

Hopefully some of the items listed in the article will help those just starting the process.  For the full article, please click over to Which Paint Protection Film (PPF) is Right For Me?

In this article I wanted to share some insight on taking proper care of a new vehicle.  Many people have the misconception that new car detailing is not necessary and this can easily lead to quick damage usually to the painted areas.  New vehicles come in various conditions, some needing only a good wash and wax whereas others may need paint correction to remove defects left from the factory.

Take a look at the article on the Detailed Image blog and see exactly my thoughts on the question What exactly should I do with my new car?

At LUSTR Auto Detail, we always try to stay on top of the newest and best products, tools and techniques. However, we also try to adapt to our clients’ needs and requests as much as possible in order to provide quality car detailing services for all. Recently, we made a few additions to our service lineup, which will be great for owners of daily driven vehicles that need proper attention.

First is our Annual Protection Detail. Our current Paint Protection Coating options revolve around thorough detailing and paint correction, which most of our clients require and request. This new service is geared mainly toward amplifying the durability of our Protection Detail, with paint correction being optional. We get this durable protection by utilizing a long lasting paint protection coating instead of a paint sealant, which means the protection will last well over a year instead of only a few months.  In addition, we thoroughly wash and decontaminate the paint before lightly polishing it as prep for the coating. This is one of those car detailing services that will help owners with long term maintenance by making it easier to wash, eliminating waxing for more than a year and simply improving the look of the vehicle.

Annual Protection Detail

This is a great option for clients with daily driven vehicles who are happy with the condition of the vehicle and not looking to perform any paint correction.  This coating option will slightly improve the paint condition and provide great looks and protection for well over a year. – Time required: 6 or more hours

  • Light Polish Detail +
  • A light polish is utilized to enhance gloss and shine while providing a good base for the coating
  • Application of a paint coating to all painted panels and headlights for great looks and 1+ years durability
  • Note: Paint Correction and custom coating applications available for an additional charge


The next two car detailing services we’ve introduced are the Wash & Seal and Hand Wash. The simplest way to describe these services is to say they’re a quicker Protection Detail and Maintenance Detail, respectively. The Hand Wash is geared for enthusiasts looking for a quick wash every week or two when there is no need for a thorough maintenance detail. The Hand Wash is done more frequently than the maintenance detail and is normally utilized when the vehicle needs a quick cleaning, especially during the winter months. The Wash & Seal similarly mimics the Protection Detail in that it includes a wash and adds a level of protection with an application of a paint sealant that lasts for months. Both are done using safe techniques and quality car detailing products that can be purchased through our Store.

Wash & Seal

Recommended every 6-8 weeks for any vehicle driven daily or often. – Time required: 1 or more hours

The Wash & Wax is our basic protection service that includes the Hand Wash and an application of a quality sealant to protect the paint.  It normally takes about 1-1.5 hours for cars and 1.5-2 hours for SUVs.

  • Hand Wash +
  • Quality paint sealant is applied to exterior painted surfaces for shine and protection


Hand Wash

Recommended every 1-2 weeks for any vehicle. – Time required: 0.5 or more hours

Our Hand Wash is a quick wash with quality products and techniques intended for clients who need to properly and efficiently clean up their vehicles every week or two.  It normally takes about 30-45 minutes for cars and 45-60 minutes for SUVs.

  • Vehicle is hand washed with a pH neutral soap and dried with soft microfiber towels
  • Door jambs are wiped down
  • Wheel faces are cleaned with appropriate brushes
  • Tires are dressed


Well that’s all for now.  We know these services will be welcomed by many of our regulars and we hope they catch the interest of new clients who wish to drive away with a clean and protected vehicle!  Please feel free to contact us with any questions or to schedule an appointment today.