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Check out some of our recent work performed on a few very nice cars.  The BMW i8 came to us brand new from the dealer for a major protection package.  The paint was polished and then protected with Xpel Paint Protection Film as well as OptiCoat paint protection coating.   The BMW M3 received a very similar treatment except with the CQ Finest paint coating.  Both cars had a wheels off detail with coating included.  Lastly, the BMW 540i was brought back to life with two stages of paint correction, then protected with GlossCoat paint coating.  Click the links below for more info and photos.

BMW i8 Paint Correction with Protection Film and OptiCoat Paint Protection Coating

BMW M3 Paint Correction, Paint Protection Film and CQuartz Finest

BMW 540i Paint Correction and GlossCoat Paint Protection Coating

We recently performed a 2-stage paint correction detail and applied the durable 22PLE glass coating to this gorgeous BMW M5.  Since the client planned to drive the car daily, including winter, we decided to go with a 2-stage paint correction to clean it up well before the coating was applied.  The detail was scheduled and were looking forward to the job, however, the car suffered an accident only a week or so before we were to get it.  Since it had a good amount of front end damage, we had to postpone the detail job for a couple months.

Fortunately, the body shop did a good job fixing it and overall the paint wasn’t in horrible shape as the car was only a few months old.  We were able to get pretty much perfect results from the originally planned two stages of paint correction with a bit of additional spot polishing in a few locations.  As you can see in the photos below, after the thorough paint correction and the application of the 22PLE paint protection coating, the color and metallic flake now show up very nicely in the sunlight.  The car looks freshly waxed after a wash and stays clean longer and the coating helps resist swirl marks and other damage much better than clear coat alone.

Anyway, enough chit chat and onto the photos!